When will it be deemed an Essential Service?

So today i saw an update from our clinic stating that they would be resuming services…. GREAT…!!! Actually no, when i went in and listened to the full update they mentioned while they would be resuming services, it would only be to collect eggs and do freeze all cycles.. I know this is great news for some women but it doesnt help me… Im stuck in limbo waiting for the day that they announce that IVF is an essential service.

I have contacted the health minister as i am sure many women have, pleading with him to review this. I know there is a lot going on and the poor man has never been so busy in his life, but still if the WHO deems infertility a disease then surely we should be allowed treatment for this disease, why make us wait.

The reason we have been given that they are not proceeding with embryo transfers is due to the fact that they dont want to put unnecessary pressure on the healthcare system, however in Ireland, the number of cases of Covid-19 are reducing. Not only that but only approx 6000 women seek IVF treatment in Ireland each year, then if you take the number of women who are sucessful, and then they amount of women that will need hospitalisation, surely the reliance on the health service is not that high that they would not allow us to become pregnant? When you then consider the rest of the population who can get pregnant naturally, the numbers are much higher. We dont need to interact with the HSE (health service) until 12 weeks and i would hope that by that stage our country is in a much better position regarding Covid-19.

I feel guilty sometimes and a bit selfish when i talk about it and try push for these things because I am healthy, my family is healthy and i have a roof over my head and a job that allows me to work from home. People are losing loved ones because of Covid-19 and here I am trying to have a baby, it doesnt seem that important in the grand scheme of things, but truth is my heart hurts, i just want this so much, i dont want to have to wait anymore….

2 thoughts on “When will it be deemed an Essential Service?

  1. I’m so sorry you’re in limbo now. I’m so frustrated for you. I hope they ease restrictions for you. I think over here in Massachusetts they’re doing the same thing. Egg retrievals only.
    Sending loads of love and strength.


    1. Thanks girl… I am praying that once the retrieval’s start the next will be the transfers… Hope the morning sickness eases for you… With all things considered you’re kicking ass xxx


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